Scotland Case Studies Update

This month, we have helped a fair few Scottish businesses with a Start-Up Loan and mentoring. We have picked out 4 of the most interesting from various sectors and areas in Scotland:

The Experience Kitchen – Chef Seraphine Mordi owns The Experience Kitchen in Glasgow, a brand new African-themed restaurant that offers mouth-watering dishes with names which could win a scrabble game.

Ayamase, rice with a pepper sauce, Ewa Agoyin, soft beans with plantain, Ogbono soup are only a taste of what is being served at The Experience Kitchen and its not only the food that is delicious. Seraphini also offers Nigerian Guinness, Nigerian Star Lager Beer as well as Palm Wine.

Video City – James Lang is one of Glasgow’s most experienced film-makers. He has recently started a business called Video City which offers marketing videos to both the music industry and retail clients, using a combination of live film and computer-generated text and graphics.

Not only that, his post production facilities include audio mixing and mastering. The loan Transmit provided helped support James’ business by allowing him to upgrade his technical equipment, cameras and lenses.


Edinburgh Bike Fitting –  The popularity of cycling has grown considerably with the Tour De France in Yorkshire and the current Tour Of Britain. This is good news for expert sports scientist, Douglas Shaw, from Edinburgh.

His business, Edinburgh Bike Fitting, specialises in bespoke adjustments and measurements of cycles, to maximise both performance and comfort for the rider. Despite only being launched a few weeks ago he has already been appointed the fitter for one of the country’s leading cycle retailers, Planet X’s Scottish outlets.

Pixel Blimp – Four digital games graduates from Abertay University, Dundee have won support from the global IT giant Microsoft to develop their unique game based on flying small paper planes around an intricate paper folded world of grand arches, buildings and floating islands.

Jordan Brent Morris, Isaac Howie Brewerton, Kenny Singer and Aidan Wilson only graduated this summer and already have a string of successes under their belt, including winning the Microsoft UK Imagine Cup for best game.

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