Project Description is an advertising platform for selling businesses of any size with the aim of marketing across several platforms.

Keeping the website as user friendly and as simple as possible, all adverts are produced by you in the way that you want and any interested parties will contact you direct, meaning that you manage the process in the way that you want.

There are four key elements of

 Help selling your business
 An accelerated sales process
 Franchise Sales
 Options to join as an advisor

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Sell Your Business

A listing can be created for a business of any size. From a small one man company, to a multi-national organisation. The advert can be created by the owners, an advisor, or an agent. There are three options for a listing:

  • 30 days – £150 + VAT
  • 60 days – £250 + VAT
  • 90 days – £300 + VAT

There is also a feature where an additional 20% of the cost will move the advert near the top of the listings.

Accelerated Sales

The accelerated sales section is aimed at advertising distressed businesses or businesses that need to be sold fast. In the world of business recovery and insolvency, with the added compliance requirements of SIP 16, advertising your business using will ensure that you are assisted with all steps of the process. The regular emails you will receive showing advert view analytics can be printed out and kept on file as evidence of compliance.

An additional option of a 14-day advert at £100 + VAT is available for accelerated sales.

For a further £100 + VAT the Social Media Analytics Report can be purchased for your listing.

Franchise sales

The Franchise sales section is aimed at advertising franchise opportunities.

An additional 365-day advert at £1,000 + VAT is available for Franchise sales.

All listings will be shared on the, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages AND if you have paid a non-discounted fee, 33% of the net amount will be spent on social media posting boosts to give more exposure to potential buyers of your business.

Join as an Advisor

The FREE advisor log in section is for advisors only and is open to agents, accountants, bankers, corporate financiers, lawyers, financial advisors, and any other professional that provide advice and assistance to business owners. The log in allows advisors to engage with one another via the forum which is used to discuss M&A topics but must not be used to advertise businesses for sale.

Being a registered advisor gives you the ability to see sellers contact details so that they can be contacted direct.

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Sell Your Business