Straightforward protection if you find yourself unable to work due to illness or injury.

Living Costs Protection provides a fixed monthly amount to help towards covering your essential outgoings like mortgage or rental payments, utilities and food. No complex calculations. No second guessing. Just straightforward protection if you find yourself unable to work due to illness or injury.

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There is a huge impact illness or injury can have on your business. When you’re covered, you can relax a little, and focus on your recovery. The policy also includes a range of extra benefits and support services as standard, giving you valuable help dealing with your situation.

Living Costs Protection is a simple and affordable long-term policy with no complex calculations and no second guessing. It means you can relax a little, and fully focus on your recovery knowing you will be provided with a fixed amount for up to 12 months for each eligible claim.  

The policy also includes extra benefits and support services as standard, that can provide valuable help should you need it.

Example of cost and benefit:

Monthly premium of £21.50

Payout of £1,500 per month

Source: 01/02/2020, based on a 22 years old man (smoker).

Please note that one of our partner brokers will assist you, you don’t need to deal directly with Aviva.

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Why Aviva Living Cost Protection?

Pre-agreed price

Safeguards your household income incase of illness or injury. You pay a set fee each month and if the worst was to happen, you can call on the insurance to pay you the pre-agreed set fee each month during your illness (see terms for details). 

You do you

You can focus on what you do best, not worrying about the what ifs. Every entrepreneur starts a business because they are good at something, don’t worry about what might happen, focus on driving the business. 

This is about you, not your business
Your price is determined by your health questionnaire and not on your business income. Income protection is built around your health, the likelihood you’ll become ill and how much money you need to get by, not the amount you make or have made historically.

Easy setup
Quick and easy to set up with our professionals. One chat and they do all the admin, there is no need to worry about complex applications or long call wait times with the insurer. Simply tell our team what you think you need your protection to cover and let them do what they do best. Arrange call back times and email any documents you need, you will be covered in no time. 

Continuous Cover 

The policy can be claimed multiple times, unlike a life insurance which ends once actioned. This is a continuous policy so you can claim each time you are suffering illness or injury, for 12 months at a time. Don’t worry about exercising the policy, that’s what it is there for. You don’t need to reapply afterwards, the term continues as before. 

Free Quote

It’s absolutely free to get a quote and find out how much this protection will cost you. Living cost protection is one of those things you don’t appreciate you need until it’s too late - it’s a no brainer. Submit your details on this page and speak to our team for a free no obligation quote.