CyberInsurerUK is an online broker of Cyber & Data Breach Insurance for UK businesses with less than £2.5m of annual turnover.

CyberInsurerUK provides financial and practical support in the event of a cyber attack, being held to ransom by hackers and in the face of lost or stolen data. They want to give UK SMEs the quickest, fairest and easy to understand Cyber Insurance available in the UK.

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The CyberInsurerUK policy provides cash payments to help you recover from a cyber attack.

It will also pay for and provide access to the experts you need to fix the problem, make sure you are safe, and recover your reputation and standing with your customers.

Cash payments of up to £50,000 for costs arising from cyber crime and up to £50,000 towards the cost of a data breach. CyberInsurerUK even pay business interruption costs covering the loss of daily net profit for ten days or until you’re back up and running. They only have one excess level of £1,000 for everyone.

CyberInsurerUK's policy also provides you with the legal costs of defending yourself in the wake of an attack, the appointment of a forensic expert to understand what happened and put in measures to stop it happening again. They will also help with the appointment of a PR firm to help you to restore your reputation.

And they can cover you in under five minutes, all online and with only a handful of questions. You can pay monthly and, unlike many insurers, there are no interest or credit charges for doing so.

CyberInsurerUK is fully underwritten by QBE Group a top 20 Global Insurer with 12,000 employees across 20 global locations. QBE provide full claims, complaints and cancellation services. They are regulated and authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

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