Protecting your franchise business

Every franchise is different therefore every insurance arrangement needs to be tailored to suit, and a policy can be created to cover a range of requirements. Our brokers can help you understand the requirements and do the research for you, before providing you with appropriate recommendations and quotes.

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Beyond the compulsory levels of business insurance you’re required to take, if you’re running any business it’s important that you have cover in place to protect your investments within the business.


Getting the right insurance for franchises means securing your risks with a protection package to ensure you are adequately protected. Creating the package can be time consuming and complex, but working with an experienced broker means you can be confident of the correct advice without the hassle.


You will want to protect your business and its assets for its own sake, not just the franchisors.  You’re running a business in its own right, and ensuring you have adequate protection for your people, stock, contents, tools and equipment as well as any other liabilities and assets should be a priority.


Our brokers work closely with their franchise clients, getting to know their unique business challenges and pulling together the various covers for them. They work with leading UK insurers and can provide a quote that’s designed for your business.

Please note that one of our partner brokers will assist you, you don’t need to deal directly with Aviva.

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Why Aviva Franchise Protection?

Unique to you
Franchise protection is a unique product that is adapted to fit your business. Simply tell our team what you think you need or, better still, send them your franchise agreement to browse over. They are an experienced bunch and will soon have the best products for you bundled into an affordable price. 

Peace of mind

Gives you cover for a whole host of situations that may affect your self employment. As a business owner you have a lot of responsibility, as a franchisee even more. No doubt your peers will be able to give you advice on what might happen but ask our team for details on the cover you are eligible for, you may be surprised! 

Easy to arrange.
Our professionals take the hassle out of the admin so you don’t need to worry. Entrepreneurs like you are short on time, we get it. Nobody likes the pressure of paperwork or the hours on hold to speak to your insurer so don’t do it, let the team connect directly and sort it for you in less than half the time. 

Free to find out more

Free to get a quote for your business on various levels of cover. Just submit the form and the team will be in touch with you. There is absolutely no obligation to take the insurance. It’s worth asking how much protection you can get and what for, when you have all the facts and figures you can make an informed decision.


Your protection can cover a large range of products and services, just tell us what you need and we will make educated, experienced recommendations. Share your business and franchise information with the team for the most detailed overview, if you don’t have it that’s fine too, most businesses have standard protection, the specifics can be arranged at your convenience.

Quick to get started

Once the team has spoken with you and generated your detailed quote for cover, all they need is your bank details for the direct debit request and your authorisation to get started. The protection will start and you can get back to doing what you best.