R&D tax claims aren’t rocket science.  Quantify is an easy to use online R&D tax claims platform that gives you a real-time view of your claim value.

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Quantify is an easy to use online R&D tax claims platform designed to give you the easiest way to claim 25% - 33% of your innovation costs back through R&D tax claims. Claim the credit your innovation deserves.

What is the benefit?

Investing some time tracking your innovation activities in-year, rather than making a claim as part of putting your year end accounts together, means that you have much better records to support your R&D claims.  Quantify’s online platform lets you build strong, evidence-based claims and you can see the value of your claim increase as you go.  When it is time for the claim to be submitted you can run an HMRC-ready report.

A typical claim is around £50,000 but with robust, in-year records, we’ve seen the average go up to £70,000 a year.

Who can make a claim?

If your company is doing work which involves questions of technological feasibility, or you’re looking to get ahead of your competitors through the development of new scientific understanding, you can claim back between 25% - 33% of the salary costs involved through and R&D claim.  You can also claim back a proportion of consultants and materials you use.

This is only available to companies and you can only claim the payment from HMRC once you’re in a position to file your annual accounts.  If you make a profit your claim reduces the amount of tax you would otherwise pay.  If you’re not profit making you can claim a payment from HMRC.

What does it cost?

Only pay for the support you need.  If you’ve never made an R&D tax claim before you’ll be supported through the whole process, but if you’re confident about what you can and can’t claim in your business, you can use the platform as a SaaS only way of building your claims.  Platform only access is £90 a month or if you’d like the full support version we’ll charge 10% of your claim value, capped at £5,000. To get this rate you’ll need to use the code TRANSMIT when you sign up.

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