You probably have already heard of Federation of Small Business (FSB) but are unsure what it is and how it could help your business. Established in 1974, it is a membership organisation for small businesses across the UK and currently has around 150,000 members.

It sounds simple enough, and it is, but you probably aren't aware of the vast array of products and services they provide. They fall under 3 main categories - Advice, Finance & Support. There are too many to write about so we have selected a few services that offer excellent value:

fsb logo - Transmit Start-Ups resourcesTax Investigation Protection

Many businesses will face a routine tax investigation from time to time. They can be complex and stressful and taking professional advice is always a good idea. On average, full HMRC investigations last 16 months and could cost a potential £5,000 in accountancy fees. Having tax investigation insurance and advice when you need them, is essential.

FSB members automatically get tax investigation help and advice, together with insurance protection against the costs of an HMRC investigation.

Business Leads

We all know how difficult it can be to generate new leads, particularly in the early stages of business. FSB provides business data services to help you with your sales and marketing campaigns. The database will help you identify and target business leads for all budgets and FSB provides a Marketing Data Hotline so you have immediate access to specialist support and advice.

Online Legal Documents

FSB will provide you with 200 factsheets and in excess of 500 legal documents to choose from, covering all the key legal, personnel, tax and health and safety issues that you might encounter when setting up and running your business.

Having this kind of information at your finger tips at all times is incredibly important and could be considerably cheaper than having to employ the services of a lawyer.

In addition to the documents you will receive free legal protection, which includes a 24 hour legal advice helpline, and legal costs insurance to cover things like employment tribunals and criminal prosecution.

FSB case study

In addition to the above (and many more services) FSB has an excellent section on its website, called First Voice, providing all kinds of advice, plus other resources and a list of events they hold across the UK.

So, the cost. Well, it's surprisingly low actually. If your business doesn't have any employees (other than yourself of course!) it only costs £130 per year. Usually you would have to pay a £30 registration fee but, because of our partnership with FSB, they have agreed to waive that fee for anyone who joins using this discount code TSU816). If you have 1-4 employees then you pay £180 per year.

Sign up here and be sure to use the TSU816 for your £30 discount.

FSB membership fees