Brand new content for 2019!

We’re heading into the year with a fresh team, a fresh purpose, and a fresh start! So what can you expect from this new era of content, and what has already changed?

  • A fresh set of newsletters to be sent to our referral partners - these will be sent monthly and include scheme updates and the latest news from Transmit Group.
  • Sprucing up our marketing materials - including the packs for referral partners. You can re-download your shiny new referral partner pack, here (and be sure to discard any old versions you may still have on file!).
  • A new content hub on the Transmit Start-Ups site - We'll be launching two new sections on the website - 'advice' and 'success stories'. So if you like to write about business (either sharing your advice or your own start-up story), then get in touch with Suzy. All guest blog posts will be credited and include your affiliate link.
  • Upping our marketing game - We'll be expanding our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing efforts online to increase brand awareness, and we'll also be producing news stories and opinion pieces more regularly for regional and national media outlets.
  • FEEDBACK - We want to hear from you! If there's anything else that you would like to see us doing to help you, then let us know. Jill Stewart (our Partnerships and Mentoring Officer) would love to hear from all of our partners so that we can take steps to improve things for you. However big or small your feedback, get in touch with Jill.
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