Project Description

twintangibles are experts in crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is an important and enduring approach to creating funding. But it’s about a lot more than money. Crowdfunding is hard. Success rates remain low, around an average of 30% meaning about 70% fail to meet even their financial targets.

To truly win at crowdfunding you need to make the right choices and build a solid campaign and that can be challenging.

Their online course ‘Crowdfunding To Win’ provides all the information you could ever need to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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This course provides the process you need to identifying the real benefits crowdfunding can deliver and to build a solid and executable plan to make your campaign a success.

This method has helped raise hundreds of thousands of pounds in crowdfunding success and you can use it as well.

Video supported by course notes and downloadable resources provide all you need to build the winning crowdfunding campaign that is right for your business or your project.

Applicable to all forms of crowdfunding campaign including equity, this rigorous and repeatable programme unpacks why crowdfunding is different and what you need to know to get the most from it. It provides a structured and logical approach to building a campaign that will help you crowdfund to win!

What are the requirements?

 No prior knowledge or experience is necessary

What am I going to get from this course?

 Thoroughly assessing your crowdfunding options.
 Understand and target the wider benefits of crowdfunding over and above just money.
 Properly align crowdfunding correctly with wider goals
 Prepare a robust plan for a successful crowdfunding campaign
 Execute a winning campaign

What is the target audience?

 Anyone considering crowdfunding
 Anyone who wants to know how to run a crowdfunding campaign
 Anyone who wants to check they have prepared a crowdfunding campaign properly
 Anyone wanting to understand what crowdfunding is and how it differs from traditional finance

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