Find yourself on furlough? Spend some time thinking about being your own boss!

Has Coronavirus made you think?

The pandemic has given us all time to reflect on life and what we want out of it. If you've found yourself on furlough, there's no better way to use that time than to find out if you really could quit your day job, take control of your life and your earnings, and be your own boss.

  • Have you really enjoyed a change of pace, task, or working environment?
  • Is your employer turning out to be not great to work for?
  • Are you facing redundancy and wanting to be more in control of your destiny?

All of those are signs that setting up on your own might be a great choice for you...

At Transmit Startups, we've helped thousands of people like you to start their dream businessYou just need the right attitude, a good idea, proper planning and support.

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The ultimate guide to starting a business on furlough

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  • Decide whether self-employment is right for you

  • Choose the business idea that's right for you

  • Understand the first steps to start a business

  • Work towards your goals with confidence

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