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Start Up Loans, and support to start your business

  • No application fee

  • 1-5 years loan term
  • For businesses < 2 years

  • Borrow up to £25,000
  • 6% fixed interest rate
  • No early repayment fee

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Start Up Loans are personal loans for business use only and subject to status. The monthly repayment amounts quoted are estimates which may increase or decrease slightly depending on the number of days between approval and when the loan is advanced.
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What We Do

Loans. Support. Mentoring.

Transmit Startups is a national delivery partner of the British Business Bank for Start Up Loans, a government-backed scheme to encourage new entrepreneurs.

We provide low-interest Start Up Loans to businesses and individuals across the UK. Each director or partner can borrow up to £25,000 and you have up to five years to repay the money.

We also provide free business planning support and post-loan mentoring for up 12 months so your money has maximum impact.

Loans of up to £25,000 for each director or partner.

Our loans are designed for people who want to set up a new business, or already have a business that is less than 2 years old, and need some money to get things going.

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We help you with every step of the process, free of charge.

You will be provided with a dedicated business advisor, who will help with your loan application, business plan and financial forecasts. They will work at your pace.

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12 months of free support from an experienced mentor.

After receiving your Start Up Loan we will match you up with a business mentor – someone who has experience in advising businesses or running businesses themselves.

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Why Transmit?

Find your perfect fit with a loan provider that's proud to be different

Find your tribe with Team Transmit

We've helped thousands of businesses. None are the same. So why settle for same-old-same-old service? Like you, we're different.

Benefit from our experience

Many of us have started businesses ourselves. We've been there, done that. Our expert knowledge comes from personal experience.

Make us part of your dream team

If you need help, our expert loan advisers are with you every step of the way. We'll help you develop your growth plan and apply.

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All your questions answered

Why choose Transmit Startups for a Start Up Loan?

Transmit Startups are the UK’s largest delivery partner for the Government’s Start Up Loan scheme. We live and breathe startups, and love seeing what our recipients achieve.

We’ve helped thousand of people just like you. In fact, we award more Start Up Loans than anyone else.

Our directors are all entrepreneurs and many of our staff have started businesses themselves.

Because of our experience, we’re startup experts. We know how to help you plan for business success and apply for a Start Up Loan.

Our highly experienced business advisers are with you every step of the way. We all really want to see you succeed and will do everything we can to help you.

Once you’ve been approved for a Start Up Loan, we’ll assign you a mentor to support you during your first twelve months. Your mentor will be a soundboard for any questions you have or challenges you face.

How do I apply for a Start Up Loan?

The first step towards getting funding for your new business is our simple online application form.

1. Fill in your details and we’ll check your eligibility, run a credit check and let you know whether we can take your application forward.

2. If you’re eligible, we’ll appoint one of our experienced business advisers to your application. They will work with you to make sure your application – and business – stands the best chance of success.

They’ll work through your business plan and financial forecasts to make sure they’re watertight and well thought out. They’ll also check your ID documents and bank statements.

3. Once your documents are all complete, we’ll send them off to the decision-makers and you’ll hopefully be approved for your Start Up Loan.

4. Once approved, you’ll receive a Start Up Loan agreement to sign, and once that's done you’ll receive your money and be offered the chance to choose a business mentor.

What do I need to apply for a Start Up Loan?

To apply for a Start Up Loan, you will need to complete:

  • A business plan
  • A financial forecast for your business
  • A personal survival budget

These don’t have to be perfect; we’ll help you work on them.

You may also need to provide us with:

  • Personal identification documents
  • Some personal bank statements

Unlike business loans, because this is a personal loan you DON’T need to provide any business accounts.

If you’re ready to get started with your business plan now:

If you want to work out whether you can afford to start a business:

How long does it take to get a Start Up Loan?

Once your application has been approved and you’ve completed the paperwork, the money will usually be in your bank in a matter of days. But the length of the application process depends how prepared and responsive you are.

If your business plan and financial forecasts are all in order, we can process your application very quickly, sometimes in as little as a week.

If they need more work, or if you need time to respond to requests for information, it will take longer.

We’re here to help you get funding to start a new business and begin your self-employment adventure, so work with us to make it happen as soon as possible.

What can I use a Start Up Loan for?

You can use your Start Up Loan to fund any aspect of your new business.

For example:

  • securing premises
  • buying stock
  • developing your marketing
  • hiring staff and professional services
  • paying for equipment and tools

Take a look at our success stories section to see how other entrepreneurs have used their Start Up Loan to fund a new business.

Who can apply for a Start Up Loan?

You can apply for a Start Up Loan if you want to start a business or have a business that started trading less than two years ago.

There are eligibility criteria that you should check before you apply. For example, you need to be over 18, and you and the business need to be based in the UK.

Certain businesses aren’t eligible to receive a Start Up Loan, such as gambling, drugs and weapons, so double check before you submit an application.

If you’re not sure, read our guide: Am I eligible for a business loan?

What is a Start Up Loan?

A Start Up Loan is a loan for people who want to start a business or who started a business less than two years ago.

It is a bit different to a normal business loan because:

  • you don’t need to provide any business accounts to be considered
  • we’ll help you complete your business plan and financial plan
  • it includes business mentoring in your first twelve months

It is ideal for people who need between £500 and £25,000 to fund a new business, along with expert business support from the start.

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Success Stories

Transmit Startups has helped thousands of people to set up thriving businesses across the UK.

Here are just some of their stories.


Ruth Fuller


Maybo Underwear

Discrete, washable incontinence wear


Inspired by her son, who missed out on sleepovers due to his bulky nighttime nappy, Ruth developed a range of discrete incontinence wear that doesn’t attract any unwanted attention. Read their startup story



How Much

£19,850 to pay for stock

What they say

“I chose Transmit because they seemed more approachable and less intimidating than the high street banks and I knew I wouldn’t meet the lending criteria of the big banks anyway. The offer of a mentor to help me take the business forward filled me with confidence and I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the money landed in my account.”


Nicola Homer and Susan Howells


Homer + Howells

Modern sewing patterns for a contemporary capsule wardrobe


Providing a sustainable alternative to fast fashion, Homer + Howells taps into the growing home sewing trend by offering digital, downloadable patterns for people to create stylish and wearable clothes. Read their startup story



How Much

£6,000 for photography, samples and branding


“We can’t say enough about our business advisor Morag Kelly. She was our first cheerleader and the fact that she loved what we did made us so much more confident. She held our hand through the whole process and guided us to put the time, effort and consideration exactly where it was needed.”


Simon and Sarah Wood


Freedom Chocolate

Lovingly handcrafted vegan chocolate


With four children with multiple food intolerances, Simon and Sarah discovered just how difficult it is to find great tasting products for special dietary needs. Experimenting with different recipes, Simon discovered a talent for chocolate making and the vegan confectionary brand was born. Read their startup story



How Much

£7,000 for equipment and premises costs


“We are carers for our children, who have additional needs, and because we are in receipt of benefits, we were not eligible for a bank loan. So, we were really happy to find out there was an alternative route for people in our position – especially as self-employment offered a way of earning a living that suited the unique needs of our family.”


Richard Szostak and Louis Speight


Omnis Circumvado CIC

Adapted sport and PE lessons for people with disabilities


Drawing on Richard’s 20 years’ experience working in the disability sector, and Louis’s celebrated background as a wheelchair sprinter and disability activist, sports enterprise Omnis Circumvado aims to make sport accessible to people of all abilities. Read their startup story



How Much

£10,000 for equipment and insurance


“It’s been a fantastic first year and we’ve never looked back since getting our initial funding from Transmit Startups. This year we’ve worked with 465 people and now we’re aiming to recruit new trainers so we can double our numbers.”


Rory MacDonald


Golden Oak Restoration

Golden Oak Restoration


Keen recycler, Rory, started his busines to give abandoned oak barrels a new lease of life - as chairs, tables and even cheeseboards. But it is more than the barrels getting second chances. His business also provides jobs for skilled crafts people in an area of high unemployment. Read their startup story



How Much

£20,000 for tools, rent and hiring staff


“Put simply, we would not be here if it weren’t for Transmit Startups. The investment got us off the ground, by paying for tools, rent and hiring staff, but it was about so much more than just money. Transmit not only believed in me, but also my business, and that affirmation really gave me the confidence to pursue this ambition.”


Victoria Nicol


My Language Connection

A specialist provider of business and technical translations


With five years’ experience in translation, as well as a management degree, Victoria had big ambitions for her translation service. A Start Up Loan from Transmit Startups funded an ambitious growth strategy, putting her on track for a £1m turnover. Read their startup story



How Much

£10,000 for hiring staff and specialist support to scale the business


“A few months into trading, we approached Transmit Startups for a Start Up Loan to get the business to the next stage. Without Transmit supporting us during this period, we wouldn’t have been able to grow as quickly. Our account manager Michelle made the whole process very easy and enjoyable.”


Robbie Bates


Wight Tricks Academy

Training facility for gymnastics, acrobatics and tricking


When teenager Robbie began performing gravity defying flips, jumps and twists, it just seemed like a hobby. But twelve years on, the acrobatic entrepreneur now runs his own training academy, complete with sprung floor, skilled coaches and hundreds of students. Read their startup story


Isle of Wight

How Much

£20,000 to develop in-school classes and a bespoke facility


Huseyin ‘Husso’ Cetin


Brush Barbers

Barber shop offering old-school hospitality with contemporary services


After ten years as a barber, Husso wanted to start his own barber shop in Glasgow’s Battlefield area. Just 18-months later, Brush Barbers was voted the best in Glasgow. Read their startup story



How Much

£14,000 first, then £12,000 as a second loan


“However hard you try, it's so difficult to save money to start a business while you're earning minimum wage. Transmit Startups changed my life by offering a way to fulfil my dreams. They provided an affordable way to receive a Start Up Loan for my business, as well as the expertise of a team who support you to get started.”

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