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Newcastle’s CAPTURED Could Provide the Key to Business Growth

After the success of Captured last year, the programme is launching again in Newcastle this month (March 2017). Captured is run by Newcastle University Business School and aims to give local startups access skills and resources to put their ideas into action. Captured’s ethos is: “Connect. Reflect. Develop” – the idea being that having access

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Birmingham Start-Up? Here’s How You Can Co-Locate with Industry Giants

In the early days of starting up, a good chunk* (*not an official measurement) of new business owners work from their own homes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Starting up a business is expensive and there’s enough pressure to break-even and turn a profit quickly as it is without adding more overheads to the

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Productivity tools

Apps & Tools to Increase Your Productivity (and Sanity)

A while ago we posted an article about tools that we use on a regular basis to make us more productive and organised in our work lives. As entrepreneurs we are always incredibly busy so any web or mobile apps that help us save time and increase productivity are always going to be a good investment. In

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How To Start A Clothing Brand

The fashion industry is worth a huge £43.2 billion annually in the UK alone and £411 billion in Europe. It’s no wonder then that it is an attractive prospect for an entrepreneur looking to start up their own business, especially for those who are creatively minded and who have a passion for clothing. Because the

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One Year on with Transmit Start-Ups

One Year On with MindMate

The MindMate project began with a poignant story from founder Roger Arellano caring for his grandfather in Mexico for 7 years who lived with Alzheimer’s, he developed a connection with the two other MindMate founders Patrick Renner and Susanne Mitschke. Their shared experiences of helping people with dementia and seeing first hand how difficult the

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Wired Money

WIRED Money: Limited offer on tickets

WIRED Money, 18th May, Studio Spaces on Pennington Street, London, E1W 2BB LIMITED OFFER! £199 + VAT Passes to WIRED Money As part of its partnership with WIRED events, Transmit Start-Ups has access to five exclusive £199 + VAT rate tickets to the fifth annual WIRED Money, Europe’s inspirational networking event, which hosts hundreds of influencers and leaders from

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we're hiring

We’re looking for a start-up Business Adviser

Transmit Start-Ups is looking for a start-up Business Adviser, to work out of our head office in Gateshead. We are a national delivery partner of the Government-backed Start Up Loans programme, covering the UK. We provide clients with business planning assistance and help with their Start Up Loans applications. You can find out more about

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2017 Events for Start-Ups

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to hear from industry-experts and meet support providers that can take your business to the next level, then this is the event list for you:   EVENT: Access To Finance On Wednesday 1st March, Durham International Festival of Enterprise is hosting a workshop programme and we’ll be delivering a specialist

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Brenda Wilson (left) advising Jo Robison, a town planning startup.

Our Upcoming Events: Sprints, Surgeries & Workshops

This is where you can find out about the great events we have coming up to help entrepreneurs on their start-up journey. Here’s what’s on, where and when – so you’ll never miss a trick.   What: Start-Up Sprint (Edinburgh) These events are aptly named (but there’s no need to run anywhere!). They are short

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5 Facts: 5 Common Reasons Start-Ups Fail (and how to overcome them)

We’ve compiled a list of five common reasons startup businesses fail and how you can overcome each of them to give your business its best chance to succeed. Before we get into the five reasons we’d like to summarise this blog post in three words: Business. Is. Hard.* 1. No market demand When starting up

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