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Meet the Staff with Rosa Barnett

Our staff are what make Transmit Start-Ups the great company it is, so we want to show off our members of staff and let you get to know them a little more too! So in our latest installment of ‘Meet the Staff’, we introduce you to Rosa Barnett, our Client Services Assistant. We grabbed a

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Realistic ways a startup can successfully implement OKRs

This blog is brought to you by Niraj Ranjan Rout, founder of collaboration software company, Hiver. A startup’s flat hierarchy implies that employees have to self-monitor their own performance and there is usually no hawk-eyed manager watching your every step. But, many a times judging your performance objectively can be hard and such judgements can

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Is Business Booming for Female Entrepreneurs? Read our findings

We recently attended a roundtable, organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Durham County Council, about how the region can better support female entrepreneurs. Following the roundtable, we put our own data together to share with you what the statistics tell us about female entrepreneurs across the North East, compared with the rest of the

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One Year On with Not Just Travel

This week we’re chatting with Anne King of leading UK Travel and Holiday company, Not Just Travel. Building its success ‘on the back of its very own unique approach to customer service’, they are proud to declare they are “Fanatical About Holidays.’ Offering exceptional customer service with consultants who are just as passionate about your

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Entrepreneur Interview: Meet Self-Employed Creative, Ben Myers

Not all entrepreneurs have a ‘eureka’ moment. The idea that you need to have a single, unique and tangible idea to go it alone successfully is a common misconception. We caught up with Ben Myers, a self-employed author, poet and freelance journalist – simply doing what he loves. Interview: Ben Myers   With irons in

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Our Top Marketing Tips for Introverts

Type ‘entrepreneur’ into Google and do an image search and you’ll see the usual pictures of Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Donald Trump and a bunch of stock photos of young men that look like they could sell ice to the Eskimos. Sadly, this is the stereotypical ‘image’ of an entrepreneur. But 50.7% of us would

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SEO For New Websites: 7 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success

For many new business, driving new customer acquisition through Google is make or break and therefore, SEO should be a huge consideration from the beginning. Make no mistake; at the specialist end, SEO can be really complicated. However, there’s loads you can do to improve SEO that’s actually rather simple and logical. We have complied

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Startup Graveyard

Startup Graveyard: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Following on from my update on LinkedIn about Startup Graveyard recently, I was reading about Exec, a house cleaning service that users could book from their iPhone or the web (it was closed then bought by Handy for $10 million). This next content about Exec is taken from Startup Graveyard. ********************************************************************** EXEC -Raised $3.3 million in 1

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Transmit Consulting

Winning Business & Preferred Supplier Lists workshop

Is your creative or digital company starting to think about winning larger accounts or pitching for business from multinationals or the Public Sector? How do you get on those Preferred Supplier Lists? This session will help you understand what makes a ‘winning’ business and help you find the right strategy for success, including: The Drivers

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Infographic: 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Business Plan

When you start a business, there are 1,001 things on your to-do list. At this point, you’re not quite sure if you’re good at multitasking, or bad at concentrating… So where does making a business plan come on your to-do list? If the answer is ‘somewhere near the bottom’, then making it a priority is

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