Partner With Us


If you have connections to the UK start-up or SME community then we’d love to talk to you. We are always on the look out for people and organisations that can partner with us to promote our Start Up Loans programme.

We have three levels of partnership with different fees (please contact us for information on the fees we pay), all of which are payable upon loans being approved:

Associate Business Adviser

You will perform a similar function to our in-house Business Advisers, although you will probably work remotely (of course you’re always welcome to work from our head office in Gateshead and satellite offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh Regus offices!).

You will help promote the Start Up Loans scheme, find suitable applicants, and assist them through the business planning and financial forecasting process.

You will be an experienced business adviser, preferably with experience of running your own business, and a good working knowledge of the Start Up Loans scheme. You will largely be responsible for generating your own clients although Transmit Start-Ups may also pass clients over to you.

Network Manager

As a Network Manager you will be responsible for promoting the Start Up Loans scheme to help recruit potential applicants and Affiliates (see below), through networking and marketing activity. Other than providing information and doing an initial sift (to make sure the loan applicant is suitable), you will not be required to provide business advice.

You will be a well-connected business person (probably working freelance) with access to business support networks. You will either be given a geographical area to cover (e.g. West Midlands, Northern Ireland or East England) or a specific sector to focus on (e.g. digital/tech, manufacturing, retail, franchising).


You may be a business consultancy, accountancy firm, web design company, franchisor or any organisation that has access to the start-up community, or even a Start Up Loan recipient.

We will provide you with access to our affiliate marketing software and marketing assets (text, web banners, case studies, videos) so that you can promote the Start Up Loans programme via your website, blog, social media and newsletters to encourage entrepreneurs to complete our online registration form.

As an Affiliate, will not be required to advise the applicant in any way.

Money Lent: £30,278,949
Entrepreneurs Backed: 2882