Business planning

Whether you want to start the next Google or do household chores in your neighbourhood, you start at the same place. You need a plan.

Aug 12, 2019

Why should you start a business?

Thinking of starting a business - but not sure where to begin? Take a read of our why should you start a business guide, as we weigh up some of the most common reasons for people wanting to start their own business, along with pros and cons of doing so.

Aug 2, 2019

How to write a business plan

Business planning and writing a business plan are two of those compulsory processes of starting a business that seems to be over-debated, over-analysed and over-complicated - but they're actually quite simple. Keep reading our guide for handy tips on how to write a successful, engaging business plan.

Rich Myers
Jul 31, 2019

To buy or not to buy?

Got your eye on a business you fancy buying? Rich Myers has been in your shoes, and shares a few lessons learnt to help you decide if it’s worth shelling out.

Jul 26, 2019

How to make revenue forecasts

If you're starting a business from scratch, making revenue forecasts will be particularly challenging. Read over our guide to predicting forecasts at Transmit Start-Ups.

home based franchise
Jul 25, 2019

5 Best home-based franchises to start

This advice guide outlines the most popular types of home-based franchise, looking at the investment and skills needed to start each, and the pros and cons of different types and who they suit best. Discover the five most popular home-based franchises here at Transmit Start-Ups.

Register a CIC
Jul 25, 2019

How to register a community interest company CIC

If you are setting up your business as a Community Interest Company (CIC), you must still register as a limited company, provide additional documentation and be approved by a Community Impact Regulator. Here's a guide to the full process.

Freelance Photographer
Jul 23, 2019

How to start a freelance photography business

If you’re thinking about striking out on your own in business and becoming independent, you should look into becoming a freelance photographer. Transmit Start Ups brings you a complete guide on starting up in the world of photography.

calculating business rates
Jul 23, 2019

Calculating your business rates

Business rates - also known as national non-domestic rates - are a tax on properties used for business. They help pay for your borough's services. We'll help you work out what you're charged, and why, and how to make sure it's right for your business.

business checklist
Jul 15, 2019

How to start a business: A checklist

So you want to work for yourself, but where do you begin? There's so much to remember and do when it comes to starting a business. That's why we've created a complete checklist as a guide on how to start a business at Transmit Start-Ups.

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